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Good morning to the little bugs...

I don't know how to put this but I'm actually pissed off at one of our exchange students that lives in our house.

One of our live-in students went to LA for a week. No big deal but he stayed in the local youth hostels.
The beds he stayed on were infected with bed bugs, those little blood sucking little shits that leave nice little welts after bitting and sucking your blood. The bad part is he brought some home.  The good thing is my mom caught him at the door to the house. Instant shower and washing/drying of the clothes. No big deal right?

If those little bugs get into my bed room and hound my bed I can live with that for a bit but if those little bugs get into my suits then there will be hell to pay. Steam cleaning suits does more harm then good.

Anyone out there know how to kill these bugs with out using steam?

SIDE NOTE: I will be attending RMFC so keep an eye out for the rabbits.
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