nevermint (nevermint) wrote,

Spring cleaning!

Hey hey kiddo's!  It is that time of year to clean out the dust bunnies and put up the things that have collected the most dust over the years.

Would anyone like an old 3DO (origional with box) including the videogames to boot?
N64 with box and 4 controllers and games to boot
Sega CDX which includes all CD games and cartridge games with cases to boot
Sega GameGear with carrying case to boot
Sega Nomad
Sega Dreamcast + games and VMU's
Sega Saturn + games
Origional Gameboy (black and white) with case + games
Gameboy color
Gameboy SP
Nintendo DS (1st gen) with no hing problems

Almost all the games have the instruction manuals and cases
Almost all the systems has the origional boxes

So who wants some gaming consoles and games?
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