nevermint (nevermint) wrote,

Futher Confusiuon meme

Hotel: No idea. I am staying with a fox and a tiger

Should be arriving sometime Thursday, and leaving on Monday.

Mode of Transportation:
Southwest is my hero!

Major Plans at the Con:
I want to be in fursuit the entire con but I know that won't happen.



How old are you:

How many fursuits are you going to bring/wear:
4 or 5

Attending parties:
Please invite me to a party or two.

Do you drink:
Yes please

Do you smoke:
Socially I smoke

Can I buy you a drink:

Are you attending any panels:
Yep, I will be watching a few and maybe being apart of one.

Rules of engagement (physical Contact out of Suit):
I love getting hugs but no groping please. In suit... that is different.

What's the best way to find you:
Text, SMS, Twitter or dropping me an IM works.

Do you do trades:
Trade fursuits for a day I can do.

Can I hug or snuggle with you:
Sure, I like to hug and snuggle but it won't last long.

How tall are you:

If I see you, how should I get your attention:
Please introduce yourself to me. I will not have my name on a badge nor any fursuit badges. So come up and ask. I don't bite.

Can I take a picture of ya:
Yes please!

Anything to add:
Just be nice to me, these ol' bones are getting hard to move day by day.
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