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An update for FC

Greetings one and all. FC is approaching and I am getting all geared up for it.

Things to do before FC: Packing is a given, get a new set of shoes. My current shoes have holes in them and I hate wanted outside in the water. Mind you I love to walk around but when I get out side I have to dodge puddles and land mines from the damn geese. If I could I would curb stomp those geese gone.

As most of you know I work the help desk doing chat support. It don't matter if I get sick or not cause if I am sick I can work from home and not worry. Hooray for me.
Now what scares me is that everyone here in the office has some kind of sniffle or is coughing out their lungs or blowing their noses loud enough that geese swarm the building.

And with that said I hope I don't get sick any time soon cause I don't want to FC to suck. If I have to pump my body full of drugs so help me I will.

Lets see I will bring Braille, Cash and Jager to FC this year. My new suit will not be completed till after FC. Bummer indeed but I get a better product in the end. w00t!

Oh and if anyone wants to see Cash run around like crazy, hand him a can of Red Bull and you will get a very energitic puppy! Ahahah! Good times indeed.

Well see y'll at FC!
<-- remember he is blind so be nice to the dog in leather, Braille.
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