nevermint (nevermint) wrote,

Spring Cleaning part 2

Lets get this party started.

All the systems power on are games have been tested. The Sega Dreamcast powers on but the drive is fussy. Cheap!
Almost all the systems and games come with their origional boxes and instruction guides as well.
All systems have at least 2 controllers or more

An origional gameboy color, purple with box. A carring case included as well.
the battery back for the gameboy color, purple by madcatz (still holds a charge)

All games are tested and still work

gameboy games :
Kirby's Dream Land
Solar Striker
Wario Land 2
Super Mario Bro's Deluxe
Wario Land Super Mario Land 3
Mega Man 2
Super Off Road
Tetris 2
Kirby's Dream Land 2
F1 Race

Pokemon Yellow and Blue (origional box's as well)

A Gameboy Advanced SP in silver, still turns on but no charge cable.

Sega Game Gear with carrying case

games :

Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Drift 2
Super Columns

Rare : Tails Adventure with box

Nintendo DS 1st gen with box

Sega Nomad with origional box and power cord

Sega CDX (a sega genesis and sega CD all-in-one)

Genesis games :

Sonic 1, 2 and 3 + Sonic and Knuckles
Gunstar Heroes (boxed)
Rocket Knight Adventures (boxed)
Sparkster : Rocket Knight Adventures 2

Shining Force 1 and 2 (both with origional boxs)

Sega CD games:

Sonic CD
Mega Race
Formula One: Beyond the Limit
Android Assult
Revengers of Vengeance
NHL 94
Racing Aces
Sewer Shark
Star Wars Rebal Assult
Final Fight
Chuck Rock 2 : Son of Chuck
Samuri Showdown
Pitfall : The Mayan Adventure
Batman Returns
Brutal: Paws of Fury
Revenge of the Ninja
Fifa International Soccer

Shining Force CD

Sega 32X (unknown if it works)
32X game : Doom 32X

Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn games :

Fighting Vipers
Nights into Dreams...  (with 3D controller)
Virtual Fighter 2
Daytona USA
Virtual Cop with gun
Dark Light Conflict

Panzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Shining Force 3
Shining Force 3 part 3 in japense

Sega DreamCast (it powers on but the drive is fussy) with 3 vmu's

Dreamcast games :

Sonic Adventures
Resident Evil Code: Veroica
Power Stone 2
Sonic Shuffle

3DO FZ-10

3DO games :
Shockwave 2
Blade Force
Guardian War
Theme Park
Fifa International Soccer

Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 games : All games have boxes

1080 snowboarding
Bomberman 64
Conkers Bad FUR Day
Super Mario 64
Crusin' USA
Mario Golf
Micro Machines 64 Tubro
Zelda Ocarina of Time

Xbox with 2 controllers no games

I have alot of other games from ps1 and the ps2, just ask and I might be willing to part. Lunar Silver Star Story: Complete
Guitar Hero almost all of them including one wired and one wireless guitar

Casio Tone Bank keyboard CA-100

Multiple plush animals as well. Pics to follow soon
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